Welcome to my experimental website!

New experimental sites and programs for 2020 As part of the objectives of Brainwave-JCP (alias Joël Caserus), its programs and new sites for 2020, look for several ways to be able to deploy, host and publish experimental sites (*) and its assets on the Web, taking has particular regard to the security restrictions and specific features of certain browsers. Having thus, and consequently made the choice of the services of Néocities, as a solution to be able to create and publish a website, from the browser, user-friendly and especially allowing to download assets in its project directories. The note, very important, here, that the site, to be able to be published and be served with SSL / HTTPS. Web technologies, for prototyping and application development, in and offline The latest technologies come to offer new possibilities to people who want to create sites and / or applications. However, to be able to make the most of all these advanced technologies, you have to learn how to use them. Thus, as a result, being able to find here a repository intended to host all the example projects and demonstrations referenced on neocities. Where in addition to a formal and conceptual presentation, also come to offer to conduct a directed learning, by examples and demonstrations, as well as sometimes, a live and real-time experimentation, all this, in order to be able to favor a possible implementation practical work from the introduction of the first concepts. Here, in a very specific framework, the fields of human sciences, psychology and neuroscience, Brainwave-JCP (alias Joël Caserus), seek to be able to show how to make the most of all these technologies, to be able to create psychology experiences on and offline on computer.